NCCTP Conference, 15 November

Since 2000, Emap’s construction publications group, with marketing director Ross Sturley at the forefront, was an active promotor of extranet technologies in the UK construction market, particularly through its various conferences. Now that the NCCTP has begun to mature, it has started to promote its own events. The first NCCTP Conference will be held in London on 15 November, but Emap clearly remains a friend – its ConstructionPlus website events listing gives the event some welcome additional publicity.

I am looking forward to the event. It has moved away from being a platform for vendors to promote their software to being an educational event aimed at improving understanding of the technologies and – in particular – the people and process issues (I will chairing one of the sessions on legal issues). The afternoon sessions on collaboration in other industries (in this instance, aerospace) and in other countries (the USA) should be particularly fascinating.

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