Not THE Paul Wilkinson?

Since my book was published, some people have remarked upon the existence of other authors called Paul Wilkinson, most notably the illustrious Professor Paul Wilkinson of St Andrew’s University School of International Relations. As far as I know he is no relation (and nor is the former professional footballer of the same name, now reserve team coach at Cardiff City), and I should not be confused with the archaeologist Dr Paul Wilkinson of the Kent Archaeological Field School who wrote a book to accompany a BBC documentary about Pompeii (while Googling our name, I did, however, notice that one of the latter’s colleagues in a Study Group for Roman Pottery goes by the name of Robert Philpott – almost the same name as Rob Phillpot, one of the leading figures at Ozzie extranet vendor Aconex).

Looking on today, I found that books by the other PWs currently rank ahead of mine. The Professor has two books – 91,326 and 46,971 in the Amazon sales rank – while Dr PW’s Pompeii is ranked 76,057. My book ranks a humble 138,231st (though an improvement on the 175,000+ it was a couple of weeks ago). Mind you, Dr PW’s archaeological surveying text book is ranked 930,063 – it makes you wonder just how extensive the Amazon sales rank is!

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