Teleworking secure?

Further to my post about teleworking (6 October), I read today in that increased levels of home working may jeopardise security. The article, ‘Flexibility boom presents security challenge‘, quotes Ross Paul from Websense: "If employees are taking their laptops home and surfing the web in their own time they could have almost anything on there from Trojans to spyware to keyloggers." Companies who have spent years securing their perimeters are now in danger of undoing all their hard work if they don’t put in place education and solutions for dealing with portable media and remote working, he warned.

At least when it comes to today’s remotely hosted project extranet solutions, there is no danger of companies’ perimeters being breached. Their project data is already being securely hosted outside their firewalls, and most hosting environments have sophisticated measures in place to prevent upload or download of security hazards such as Trojans.

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