No, it’s not a misprint. IPCRES is the strange name given to a group of UK businesses, describing themselves as "the industry-leading Project Management & Property IT Solution Providers". One of the group is extranet provider Cadweb; the others are ICON (design standards software), EPC Integration (project management) and The FM Company (facilities management).

I tried finding a rationale for the IPCRES name, but the website isn’t forthcoming on that issue. It can’t be an abbreviation or acronym formed from the initials of the four companies. It doesn’t appear to have any links with the Insurers Property Crime RESearch working group or the Indiana Pervasive Computing RESearch Initiative. And there is no obvious link to "The Ipcress File", the Len Deighton novel and film (starring Michael Caine): an espionage and brainwashing thriller where IPCRESS means ‘Induction of Psychoneuroses by Conditioned Reflex Under Stress’ (as Michael might add: "And not a lot of people know that").

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