Aconex joins NCCTP

Australian-founded Aconex has become the latest construction collaboration technology provider to join the UK trade body, the NCCTP, according to a brief announcement on the latter’s website.

The site also now features a short Aconex case study, but it concerns a project undertaken in Australia not in the UK. Given that Aconex has been active in the UK for a couple of years, I would have thought that they could have come up with a British case study to showcase their achievements to the domestic audience. (While just about every NCCTP member has at least one UK case study, I also note there is no case study from Asite).

Incidentally, while Googling ‘Aconex’ I noticed that the name prompted an Adword (headed "Aconex Alternative") from WorkSmart. Some months ago, I resorted to Google’s Adwords complaints procedure to stop WorkSmart cheekily using the BIW registered mark as a keyword; clearly, Aconex need to do the same.

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