Cadweb say “Death to folders!”

There are new developments afoot at Cadweb. Its latest news release quotes extensively from an Economist Technology Quarterly article which predicts the end of the nested directories of folders and files familiar to many computer users. Instead, it seems we will have built-in powerful search engines, ‘tagged files’ and ‘smart folders’. With version 7 of Cadweb’ extranet apparently now due for release in January 2006, does this mean that Cadweb is finally going to move away from a folders-based extranet system? Or is it simply trying put a positive spin on a system that will still essentially be folders-based?

To be honest, I didn’t find much new in the Economist article (usefully, colleague Steve Cooper had a hard copy of the 17 September Quarterly; online, you need to pay for the premium content – dated 15 September). For instance, relational database-based construction collaboration systems such as BIW’s have been using file ‘attributes’ or ‘tags’ to provide additional ways to search and index files for some years now.

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  1. I’ll go with the latter on this one. Document Mgmt solutions have been doing this for years. It’s called saved Queries, Searches, etc… There are several great and affordable ones out there that handle cad files, and everything else you can think of. If you dont want folders then just drop everything in one spot with tags. Simple.
    Example one we use:

  1. […] last winter (in November 2005, Cadweb said version 7 would be released in January 2006 – see my post), but system testing and debugging clearly took far longer than forecast – with the new […]

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