Craddy Pitchers and VOSA – BE Collaborative Contract case study

At today’s BE members forum, I was privileged to see a case study, presented by Simon Pitchers of consulting structural engineer Craddy Pitchers and Joanna Davis of client VOSA, relating to their use of the BE Collaborative Contract to manage a series of projects to upgrade VOSA testing stations across the UK. It was an excellent presentation energised by the enthusiastic Pitchers with Davis providing a more conservative – but nonetheless positive – client’s perspective.

Ignore the technology for now (provided, in this instance, by 4projects – MD Richard Vertigan, an occasional reader of this blog, was in the audience and we chatted over coffee later); this was all about getting the right people and processes – including contracts and associated protocols, risk registers, etc – in place to support collaborative working. I really hope this presentation becomes more widely available – better still, if you get the chance to see/hear Simon talk about this work, make sure you attend.

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