Digital pens

Two days ago, a group of architects talked to me about the expense of digital pen devices. Discussing this yesterday with a colleague, we felt the cost of these (and other solutions) will drop over time as they become more widely accepted and popular. has two items about digital pens. Digital pens write "the end" for paper describes how social workers in my local London Borough of Greenwich have been using digital pens "used on specially printed paper which features a tiny dot pattern". Driving test examiners give digital pens green light talks about a pen device that records the details the examiner has entered on to a form; these details can then be downloaded, avoiding the need for the forms to be scanned and speeding up the license issue process as a result.

While not perhaps the types of solution that will find favour with architects, there must be merit in such solutions for any construction or property professional who regularly enters details into forms (snagging lists, for example). The data is entered once and, after being downloaded, can be made immediately available to other team members electronically.

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