IT perils for SMEs

The UK construction industry is hugely fragmented, with the vast majority of active UK firms classified as small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Even if we ignore the large number of self-employed sole traders, there are still tens of thousands of construction businesses employing just a few people, and according to two news items I’ve read today, these must be worrying times for them IT-wise.

First, in the 21 November issue of MicroScope, SMEs are warned that they need to be more rigorous about their IT back-up practices. While tapes and CDs are adequate, businesses were urged to consider remote back-up services – particularly as 82% of businesses in a BT/Institute of Directors survey said they could not function if their data was destroyed or traditional storage formats were damaged in a disaster.

Then, in today, Sir Digby Jones warns that small businesses are in grave danger of wasting the opportunities given to them by the rapid growth in broadband availability in the UK, allowing them to compete on the global stage, and to transform their own working practices.

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