Welcome back, Nathan

My Asite bloggers post has been picked up by one of the chaps I spoke about, Nathan at Free collaboration – fresh back from India and moving house.

(I have pointed out to him that his comment regarding Sainsbury’s being a former BIW client is a little inaccurate – they remain a valued BIW customer and have been since the late 1990s, having undertaken over 600 projects using the BIW Information Channel extranet. Can’t think where he got the impression that I was comparing Asite to "a bulky law firm or a bank in the city", though.)

Nathan is kind enough to say that he has bought (from Amazon) and started to read my book. I look forward to reading the review, Nathan.

Clicking on the Amazon link this evening, I found that I had climbed to 84,694th in the Amazon sales rankings (up from 138,000-ish when I checked around four weeks ago) and second among my various name-sakes.

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