Christmas working

Today’s Guardian newspaper has an article suggesting that more than two in five office workers plan to log on to their work emails over the festive period (men are slightly more likely to do so, as are people living in London compared to those living in Humberside). As a blogger writing about extranets, this leads me to ask two or three related questions:

  1. How many corporate bloggers will be blogging over the holiday period? And how many readers will be looking at what the corporate bloggers post?
  2. How many users will be logging into a construction project extranet during the holiday period?

Much of the UK construction industry will progressively be shutting down completely from the latter part of this week until after New Year’s Day. Many site-based industry professionals will have little reason to log-in to their projects, but I suspect it won’t be a complete switch-off. There will be some keen types who will use the Christmas break as a chance to catch up on work – designers might publish a few more CAD files, QSs a spreadsheet or two, for example – and they will expect their project’s collaboration solution to be available to them, Christmas or not. And it’s not just the technology that needs to be available; if there are any problems, the providers need to ensure that some of their people are also available (some of my BIW colleagues will be on-call during the holiday period, for instance).

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