Buzzsaw: second-most widely used ASP? (3)

Further to my 14 December post, I see Randall Newton has picked up on the same claim by Buzzsaw. His starting point for a post entitled Constructware Announces Big Growth in 2005, But Who’s Number One? is yesterday’s end-of-2005 highlights announcement by Constructware (see release).

Randall describes the latter: "generally regarded as second to Autodesk Buzzsaw in the construction ASP (Application Service Provider) market", which as a generalisation is probably as much as anyone can accurately claim in the absence of any accurate statistics compiled on a consistent basis. However, Randall does point out Constructware’s counter-claim (based on the 2004 CFMA IT survey) that it has "double the market share of its nearest competitor". So we are still no wiser, really.

I did note Constructware’s use of the term "active users", which I applaud (assuming this means, say, those who have used the solution in the past 12 months). As I have said before, there is a world of difference between those who can potentially use an application, and those who actually use that application (if Constructware’s active user base is in the region of 28,000, perhaps they exceed Buzzsaw’s active user base?).

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