SAP: “a load of old SoSaaS”

"A load of old SoSaaS" is how Phil Wainewright describes SAP’s latest offering in the CRM sphere. The fundamental flaw is that SAP does not fully embrace the on-demand model at all; instead it sees the on-demand model as a way to get people to try out SAP’s application at a small-scale and then migrate to a larger – and more expensive – locally-hosted system:

"If [SAP] really wanted to deliver all of the customization capabilities that customers actually want, it would build them into the configuration options of its on-demand offering. But doing that would undermine its bread-and-butter on-premises offering."

Phil’s follow-up posting ("Big guns firing blanks at on-demand CRM") is just as dismissive. He portrays the giants of enterprise software responding to on-demand solutions by adopting a strategy of ‘running around squawking a lot with their eyes and ears covered up’. Good stuff, Phil!

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