Aconex selected for train station development

I noticed another couple of new press releases from Aconex yesterday. The ‘train station’ release is worth a short note, not least because it says “Costain has selected Aconex” – a notable achievement in the UK construction project extranet market as Costain has for some years been a strong advocate of rival provider Business Collaborator. Perhaps the real reason Costain opted for Aconex here has more to do with the input of Aconex’s Australian compatriot Multiplex – already an influential Aconex customer.

Correction (09 May 2006): Today I received an email from Costain requesting that the comments about Costain in the above post be removed: “The information and comments are untrue as the product has been selected and managed by the client“. I am happy to publish this correction (and to apologise to anyone misled by the original post). The error arose from an honest reading of Aconex’s news release and an awareness of Multiplex’s association with the White City project and with Aconex (as at 10am BST this morning, the Aconex website still carried the news release claim that “Costain has selected Aconex”; the same news is also carried at

Update (12 May 2006): See new post dated 12 May 2006 on this matter.

(Original post from a free wireless network at the Irving guest-house, Harvard, Cambridge MA – I’m here for the Harvard conference on project extranets, 8-9 March, as are a few other delegates, apparently.)

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