Collaboration consolidation (5)

At WorldCADaccess, Ralph Grabowski linked to an Engineering News Record interview with Scott Unger, CEO of Constructware, undertaken soon after the proposed acquisition by Autodesk was announced. Much of the piece focuses on how Constructware got started, but there were a couple of questions looking to the future.

Q: You were recently acquired by Autodesk. What does this mean for your future personally and professionally?

SU: From a professional standpoint, I will be employed by Autodesk. I see that as a great educational opportunity for me to learn within a large corporate environment. It’s an extremely large company compared to Constructware. It’s also an opportunity to further develop my leadership skills. It will be a fun challenge to put the two organizations together.

Q: What can we expect to see in the future?

SU: Technology in construction is in its infancy. There are a lot of efficiency opportunities that can be done now, but there will be a tremendous number more down the road. It’s all about making things easier, faster and cheaper for our clients and providing them with efficiency and productivity. We’re in the infancy of what we’ll be able to provide our clients. Five years down the road, what we will be able to do will be mind-boggling.

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