Cyril Sweett on BIW

In January (see Rok set on in-house capability), I commented on Contract Journal’s regular insight into AEC company’s IT practices. This month’s subject is construction consultancy Cyril Sweett (13 offices and 550 staff in the UK; 52 and 1500 globally). On the collaboration question, IT director John Hadji-Michael responded:

"The project collaboration tools we make most use of are A-site [sic], BIW and Cadweb. We are part of the design team on a lot of large construction projects and most of them operate by way of internet-based collaboration technology. The exact tool depends on our role. We are often able to recommend systems to clients that we have already used, as we have been in the IT collaboration territory for 10 years or so. I’d rank Cadweb and BIW as our two favourites."

This use of multiple systems is a pretty common occurance among many consultancy firms in the UK AEC sector – with different clients mandating different teams to use different systems. It would have been interesting to know why Sweett’s favours BIW and Cadweb.

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    • hackjob on 14 May 2006 at 9:09 pm

    Perhaps the IT Director wasn’t the correct person to ask. His favorites will be
    a) people who took him on a jolly
    b) other freemasons
    Why not ask some people who use the systems what their favourites are?

    • Trojan-Square on 17 May 2006 at 9:39 pm

    Now that gives new meaning to the Networking term to ‘Handshake’ – on both accounts!

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