Direct marketing works

As a PR/marketing professional working in the IT world, it is sometimes easy to forget that offline marketing techniques still have their place. While I have become a little disenchanted with trade shows, BIW still experiments with such events (next month, one of my colleagues will be at an IT Showcase event in Leeds, and we will again be at Technology World), and we will be part of the NCCTP contingent at the IT Construction Forum conference on 24 May.

In the meantime, I noticed on the US MarketWire service a press release from one of Autodesk’s marketing consultancies. Goodman Marketing Partners (GMP) has won some ‘Addy’s’ (advertising awards) for various direct marketing campaigns targeting decision makers in the US homebuilding sector:

"To attract their attention, GMP conceived, designed, produced and mailed a 3-dimensional package that gave Buzzsaw prominent visual recognition and engaged recipients through the use of various involvement devices. The direct marketing program generated multiple appointments for the Buzzsaw sales force and helped Autodesk secure a positive return on investment."

I’d love to know what the "3-dimensional package" was and what the "various involvement devices" were!

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