Autodesk completes Constructware purchase

On Friday 31 March, Autodesk announced that it had completed its $46 million acquisition of on-demand software vendor Constructware.

The latter’s website promptly disappeared and you are now redirected to pages about Autodesk Constructware – sorry, make that "Autodesk® Constructware®" as ‘Constructware’ is now another registered trademark of Autodesk Inc. Among a fairly comprehensive re-branding, just about the only things that haven’t been ‘Autodesked’ are some of the old white papers and case studies.

The Autodesk announcement adds little to what we already know about the rationale for the acquisition. It repeats the same things about the two complementary offerings (ie: Constructware was well established among general and sub-contractors and in the public sector among government and education organizations, while Buzzsaw customers were predominantly in home building and the retail and hospitality segments of the commercial real estate market).

Amar Hanspal, vice president of Autodesk Collaborative Solutions says: “With the acquisition of Constructware, Autodesk now has a more robust offering of collaborative project management solutions …." (an admission that Autodesk’s previous offering wasn’t particularly robust, perhaps?).

The news release goes on to say "Autodesk plans to make significant investments in supporting, enhancing and integrating the Constructware products with Autodesk’s solutions, including Buzzsaw, Revit and Civil 3D."

Shares of Autodesk Inc. edged higher in late Friday trading.

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