Cyril Sweett on BIW (2): Cadweb misleads

I see Cadweb is deliberately misleading visitors to its website again. By carefully editing out any mention of any other firms in its quoted extract from Contract Journal, it would have you believe that consultant Cyril Sweett’s favourite extranet is Cadweb, and that Cadweb is the solution most used at Sweett’s. The edited extract is even shown under a headline (linked from the website home page) reading: Cadweb Ranked as Favourite by Cyril Sweett.

"The project collaboration tools we make most use of are… Cadweb. We are part of the design team on a lot of large construction projects and most of them operate by way of internet-based collaboration technology. The exact tool depends on our role. We are often able to recommend systems to clients that we have already used, as we have been in the IT collaboration territory for 10 years or so. I’d rank Cadweb…… favourites."

I reproduced the full extract in this blog last week, where it is clear that Cadweb is actually one of two solutions favoured by Sweett’s, and one of three solutions used overall. If I was John Hadji-Michael, I would be a bit miffed about Cadweb’s misrepresentation of my remarks.

(Cadweb also starts its extract: "In this month’s Contract Journal…". Wrong! CJ comes out weekly)

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