Eight SaaS myths

Business Week has an interesting article by Jeffrey Kaplan of THINKstrategies detailing eight Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) myths:

  1. SaaS is still relatively new and untested.
  2. SaaS is just another version of the failed application service provider, or ASP, and hosting models of the past, and will suffer
  3. SaaS only relieves companies of the up-front costs of traditional software licenses.
  4. SaaS is only for small- and midsize businesses and will not be accepted by large-scale organizations.
  5. SaaS only applies to applications such as customer relationship management and salesforce automation.
  6. SaaS will only have a minor impact on the software industry and will fade over time.
  7. It will be easy for the established software vendors to offer SaaS and dominate this market.
  8. SaaS is only for corporate users.

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