May 02 2006

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Constructware and Autodesk

At AECCadalyst.com, an article, "Digitizing the Paper Trail", helps explain some benefits of using an online collaboration solution – in this case, Constructware. The final section mentions the recent acquisition of Constructware by Autodesk (see previous post) and gives a Constructware customer’s perspective (Debra Kunce, program director at design agency Schmidt Associates):

Reflecting on the postacquisition experience, Kunce says, “The possibilities appear to be exciting, depending on where [Autodesk] plans to take Constructware. As far as day-to-day operations, we don’t see [any remarkable changes] in how Constructware works. And frankly, we thank Autodesk for that, because if we suddenly see a bunch of changes, I’d be very nervous.”

The message to Autodesk appears to be, in effect: Don’t mess about with Constructware.

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