Deltek in UK

An appearance was made at Wednesday’s ITCF conference by a stand from US accounting and ERP software vendor Deltek. I was aware of the business from monitoring various US-based websites, but I hadn’t appreciated that they were also active on the eastern side of the Atlantic (they have a London office and one in Welwyn Garden City). Still, with none of their potential UK competitors (eg: Causeway, COINS) present, perhaps they reckoned this was a good event to build some recognition in the UK.

Their literature, freely distributed around the conference venue, did expose Deltek’s US origins – I am not sure if UK buyers would be particularly swayed by talk of Federal contracts, etc.

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  1. […] Last month I wondered why Deltek took an exhibition stand at the IT Construction Forum’s annual conference. Business Collaborator‘s Tim Blower told me yesterday that this move probably followed Deltek’s acquisition of Welcom, whose applications include a project collaboration solution, Welcom Home; he also mentioned that Welcom’s (now Deltek’s) Open Plan software was being used by Thames Water to manage a water leakage project (reported in Computer Weekly here). […]

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