achieves RICS compliance

I notice from the latest news release on the website of UK construction collaboration technology vendor, Sarcophagus, that its online procurement solution, eTenderer, has been updated to be the first product of its type to comply with the RICS e-tendering guidelines. Version 2.0 will apparently be launched be publicly launched at the ITCF (IT Construction Forum) event on 24 May. "This new version has been carefully designed and rigorously tested, following consultations with the RICS, and existing blue chip clients."

In RICS e-tendering guidance note: a review, I reviewed the RICS guidelines soon after they were published in October 2005, but there was little or no guidance on product compliance per se (maybe the RICS has since published additional guidelines?). I have just had another skim through the document and there are a few recommendations (eg: in Ch.3 "Security": consider the use of the CITE standard; it also talks about digital signatures, and encryption/SSL; Ch.4 talks about the tender structure and file/document naming conventions, etc), but the document otherwise tends to leave it up to the project team to determine the suitability of their chosen tender management platform.

At the ITCF event on Wednesday, I will ask Sarcophagus for more details on their RICS compliance process.

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