May 25 2006

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eTenderer.com achieves RICS compliance (2)

At the ITCF event yesterday, I asked the Sarcophagus guys about the RICS e-tendering compliance process (see 22 May post). It seems that the compliance mainly involved close reading by Sarcophagus of last October’s RICS guidance (as a result of which they tweaked their system in a few places). I didn’t get the impression that the RICS had been pro-active in reviewing the system.

With the Construction Productivity Network, BIW will be contributing to a half-day seminar on e-tendering in London on 29 June. I will be chairing the event, and I hope to get someone from the RICS to attend; Graham Howarth of Sarcophagus told me yesterday he was hoping to come along.

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