Pearce-ing insight

The latest Contract Journal monthly insight of what working life is like within a well-known construction group looks at the Pearce Group ("We will be launching our new website soon…" it promises). The usual question about project collaboration tools prompts IT manager Dave Fox to eulogise to CJ business editor John Leitch about 4Projects:

"We have an extranet and use 4Projects – those who use it extensively think its brilliant for sharing information, both with the client and with our subcontractors. The beauty is that it is secure. Data is stored away from here and the provider ensures its integrity."

The first sentence has also been reproduced as a larger quote half way up the tabloid’s page. Maybe I am biassed, but I can’t help wondering if the selection of quote reflects the (too?) cosy relationship that exists between 4Projects and CJ, evidenced by the exclusive briefing of its financial results (see my 4Projects enjoys doubled profit post) and by 4Projects’ joint venture with CJ, CJ Collaboration, launched in March 2005.

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