Aberdeen Group PLM collaboration report

I am sure construction collaboration technology providers can be encouraged by, among others, the experiences of product lifecycle management technology users. Research undertaken by the Aberdeen Group, reported in this AECnewsroom.com article, suggests several best practices – organizational structures, processes, and technologies – that differentiate best in class companies and deliver competitive advantage. According to the Aberdeen report (The Product Lifecycle Collaboration Benchmark Report, June 2006 – available for download here [registration required]), these include:

  • Collaborating externally. Top performers collaborate with customers and suppliers more frequently ….
  • Collaborating across the lifecycle. Top performers collaborate on more topics and more frequently ….
  • Developing a collaboration platform. ….
  • Measuring collaboration results. Leading performers are more likely to measure collaboration performance ….

Recommendations for action include:

  • Support and extend internal collaboration
  • Support and extend collaboration with external parties
  • Develop, extend and integrate standard collaborative process

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