Bovis partnership with BIW

The 16 August 2006 issue of Contract Journal has the latest monthly insight into a well-known UK-based construction group – this time Bovis Lend Lease. The standard question, “Does your company make use of project collaboration tools?” gets the following response from chief information officer Scott Farquhar:

Bovis became famed for Hummingbird, our earlier project collaboration tool, but for the past 18 months we have been moving further ahead by developing Intouch, in partnership with BIW, and it’s now taking 60,000 hits/month.

Intouch covers collaboration, drawings, editing and process costs, as well as defects and snagging.

We did an assessment of potential partners and BIW was in the best position to satisfy what we were looking for. I think that between us, we could establish a product that proves to be a market leader.

Already we have Intouch working on 60 of our 84 projects in the UK. It’s being rolled out wherever the client expresses no preference, as it’s now our system of choice.

Answering a follow-up question regarding mobile devices, Scott adds: “for managing snagging/defects we provide PDAs, the software they carry being part of our Intouch range.”

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