Aug 17 2006

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Windows Live Writer – first impressions

Earlier this week (see post) I downloaded Windows Live Writer. I tried it out yesterday and the first experience was very good.

Having occasionally lost a draft article during preparation of long posts, I like the ‘save draft’ feature, the spell-check is a useful extra, and the big editing area is a big plus for those long posts. The tool also allows me to add the ‘pings’ that are part of the default setting of TypePad (though I haven’t yet got round to adding them). My only gripe would be that it doesn’t have the ability (recently added to TypePad) to add Technorati tags.

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  1. Jimmy Bergmark

    Take a look at the plugin here for adding Technorati tags:

  1. Tagging for Live Writer | Extranet Evolution

    […] me to a plug-in that overcomes the tagging gap in Microsoft Live Writer (see comments on  yesterday’s post). It makes Live Writer even more […]

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