A co-ordinated approach to construction IT in the UK

Back in February (Long overdue CICA changes), I touched briefly on the need for there to be a more coordinated approach to managing IT interests in the UK construction industry. I suggested there was a potentially confusing array of organisations – the CICA, the IT Construction Forum and Construct IT for Business – representing general construction IT interests. In addition, there are various niche interest groups, such as the NCCTP (UK extranet vendors), COMIT (mobile IT) and the IAI.

Today, I learned (courtesy of colleagues on the NCCTP marketing group) that there is an initiative – apparently entitled United IT – which aims to create a web portal bringing together all of the UK’s IT-related membership organisations and provide a conduit for details of academic research, events, etc. It’s early days, yet (only a couple of meetings so far, I’m told, and no discernible web presence yet), but perhaps this will be a stepping stone towards rationalisation of the representative bodies?

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