BIM – some background reading

Are all your construction contacts clamouring to switch to BIM (building information modelling)? No. Neither are mine. However, there is certainly growing interest in what BIM might have to offer, and over the last few days I have found myself reading more about it. For example:

  • On AEC Cadalyst, I read a great article by US-based CAD manager Scott MacKenzie, BIM there, done that. Scott describes well the challenges posed in moving to BIM – it clearly is much more than just 3D CAD
  • Also from the US, The AGC’s BIM Initiatives and the Contractor’s Guide to BIM came courtesy of AECbytes, Lachmi Khemlani’s invaluable newsletter. It is clear from the article that we are still some way from widespread adoption of BIM within the AEC industry: “With regard to how much time it would take for BIM to become commonplace, a quick poll around the room suggested that in 5 to 7 years, most projects would be done using BIM”.

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