Ex-Constructware exec joins Citadon

Looking across the Atlantic again, a news release tells me Gary Greenberger, former Vice President of Sales for Constructware, has joined rival collaboration technology vendor Citadon to head its sales operations in north and south America. The release says:

"Mr Greenberger was instrumental in developing the company’s Software as a Service (SaaS) sales model and managed the sales, account management, and vertical business development organizations for the United States and Canada. During his 6 year tenure, AAGR (annual average growth rate) in sales exceeded 85% before the company was successfully sold to Autodesk, Inc."

I can’t help but smile at this move. Earlier this year, Citadon was quick to capitalise on what it foresaw as potential user dissatisfaction at Autodesk’s acquisition of Constructware; it offered a "Special Migration Program for Constructware Customers and Partners" (see my 23 February 2006 post) – I didn’t realise that this offer extended to migration of Constructware executives!

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