A new name to me since I started watching developments in the US market (in addition to that in the UK) is ConVisia.

Founded in July 2005, this business initially said it was specialising in “instant wireless collaboration of complex documents … hosted wireless solutions [for whom] the initial audience … is the architecture, engineering and construction industry,” while its technology was described as “100% portable and scalable to all devices over wireless, from handhelds, PDA’s, laptops and graph pads, as well as workstations in the office.”

However, by the time it launched its ConVisia Design Collaborator hosted software product in August 2006, the word “wireless” appeared to have been dropped, making only a fleeting reappearance in an October release about the product’s update – and then it only suggests users can access the system via wi-fi (hardly ground-breaking these days).

The early releases had raised my hopes about a company delivering an application that was highly mobile and accessible across multiple devices and operating systems, but Convisia now appears to be just another on-demand, web-based AEC project extranet system (and one with less track record than some of the longer established US systems such as Autodesk Buzzsaw and Constructware, e-Builder, ProjectTalk, etc).

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