Who’s running BuildOnline UK?

Following my earlier post about UK-based collaboration vendor BuildOnline CEO Mark Suster and his US-based Koral venture, I now wonder if I should perhaps refer to him "as the former BuildOnline CEO". In the 3 December post to his Koral blog he twice mentions being Koral’s full-time CEO:

We [Koral] will hopefully close on a $2-3 million financing round at some point in January and I can get back to the full time work of running my business. … The venture capital process is a necessary and informative experience that is not for the faint hearted. It helps one refine your business focus and share ideas with some of the brightest minds in the industry and be challenged by people who have seen every eventuality in the type of business you want to build. But … I sure will be glad to get back to being a full-time CEO.

BuildOnline’s international websites, however, still insist that Mark Suster is CEO. The Koral blog shows this to be fiction, unless being BO CEO is a very part-time or non-executive post. And if he’s not running the BO show, then who is? Surely their customers and the rest of the UK market deserve to know!

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