Asite Workspace arrives

A new logo on the home page of Asite‘s website alerts us to the belated launch (or, given that Asite has previously marketed a similar product, should that read ‘relaunch’?) of Asite Workspace – announced in October 2006 as being available from December.

The web-based collaboration product is positioned as an easy-to-use “cost-effective solution for small projects”. The basic product will cost £30 per month per user (minimum period: three months). According to its special launch offer, Asite is also offering the product at £25 per month per user if users sign up for 12 months and pay £300 in advance; ie: a saving of £60 – or, if users book before 1 March 2007, £275 (cynics might suggest that at least the upfront payment could provide a short-term boost to Asite’s cashflow).

The price positions the Asite product as more expensive than the recently launched generic BT Workspace offering, though it will at least be construction-oriented, with the Brava! viewer allowing users to view and mark-up CAD drawings, etc. Will per-user licensing prove attractive? I don’t know. To date, all the more sophisticated construction collaboration platforms have tended to be priced at a flat rate according to the project, programme or enterprise involved. The argument has been that charging per user may lead to companies discouraging participation, or – perhaps worse – users sharing logins (and so corrupting audit trails) in order to keep costs down.

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