Tom Dengenis resurfaces

Former Bidcom UK and Asite CEO Tom Dengenis is still actively interested in construction IT. He is now a “a senior manager at BearingPoint, a global management and technology consulting firm”, and has just written an article (Building Information Model: the Solution for Optimizing the Construction Delivery Process) on the US-based Riverguide for Construction Software website.

Incidentally, I was first alerted to the Riverguide site a couple of weeks ago by Austin Merritt and, while focused on the US, it has lots of interesting news and articles on different aspects of the software market – I’ve added it to my AEC IT sites listing. Austin also suggested I have a look at Don Fornes’ Late Majority blog, one of several blogs – one of Don’s posts is an interesting round-table discussion on Software-as-a-service in Construction involving four US vendors.

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  1. […] Asite CEO Tom Dengenis was also at the event. He apparently liked my reference to him “resurfacing” at BearingPoint earlier this year; he is now chief executive of Coventry-based 4D software […]

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