Brava! woes at 4Projects?

Industry sources tell me that UK construction collaboration vendor 4Projects has been having major problems with its third-party drawing viewer application (Brava! from Informative Graphics).

I have been emailed several bulletins from 4Projects’ status ticker, spread over a three-day period up to and including this morning:

  • Updated 29/03/2007 10:02:30 – We are still experiencing problems with our Brava software, unfortunately the nature of this issue impacts on the general performance of the extranet, therefore we are taking Brava offline whilst our investigations continue. This issue has been further escalated with our third party Brava software provider. The resolution of this issue is our highest priority …
  • Updated 28/03/2007 11:46:22 – We have currently taken Brava offline, whilst we continue to isolate the cause of the issues we’ve been experiencing. Thank you for your cooperation. A further update will be posted shortly.
  • Updated 28/03/2007 10:11:31 – We are still experiencing issues with the Brava software. We have a dedicated team working on this problem. We are doing all we can to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. Feel free to contact us should you have any particular questions. Thank you for your patience, and assuring you of our prompt attention at all times.
  • Updated 27/03/2007 15:26:12 – We are currently experiencing a problem with our Brava software, you may notice drawing opening times are slower than usual. We are investigating this issue at the moment, and will post another update shortly.

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