Wi-fi? Why worry?

Watching the local BBC television news bulletin last night, there was a brief story about the new City of London Wi-fi network, but the reporter couldn’t help but link it to a weekend news report about health concerns associated with wi-fi networks. Fortunately, such fears have been put into context in another BBC article, Wi-fi? Why worry? (see also Guardian newspaper item: The question: Is Wi-Fi bad for you?):

  • “… they should be calling for the closure of TV and radio transmission towers rather than asking us to turn off our wi-fi laptops. The modulated frequencies that carry Radio 4 and ITV into our homes are just as powerful as the wireless networks, and a lot more pervasive.”
  • “The Health Protection Agency says a person sitting within a Wi-Fi hot spot for a whole year receives the same dose of radiowaves as a person using a mobile phone for 20 minutes.”

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  1. This topic also featured in a BBC documentary in May – this link pretty much sums up the level of scientific accuracy delivered!

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