Autodesk sustainability survey at Think 07

The recent Think 07 exhibition and conference event in London was used by Autodesk as an opportunity to canvass the opinions of visitors to the event on sustainability. The results are reported by Cadalyst (SURVEY: Better Collaboration, the Right Tools and Technology are Key to Sustainable Design).

Of those questioned, 61% said that sustainability was now of great importance to their organisations:

“However, the survey pointed out, to enable the industry to design and build responsibly — and in the greenest way it can — it needs better collaboration between the different disciplines working on a building project, as well as the right tools and technology to facilitate the testing and analysis of designs for energy efficiency and the minimization of waste.”

Sustainability drivers included legislation and public demand for more environmentally sound buildings, but potential barriers include industry apathy, entrenched working practices, and cost.

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