Construction Computing Show 2007

The Construction Computing Show 2007 in November will be co-located at the Emirates Stadium, London with Building Computing 2007, an event targeted at “architects and building professionals planning and designing buildings, new and refurbished, with a view to [their] operating IT requirements”.

This would seem a sensible step, opening up the event to a wider array of potential exhibitors and visitors, while the switch to a new venue will also help. Last year’s CC event seemed smaller than previous editions, and I have never been keen on the Barbican as a venue.

However, I see the organisers are persevering with the Construction Computing Awards. The ‘Hammers II’ will be presented on 21 November at the Novotel Euston – hopefully with a better comedian and a better public address system! The awards website looks like it’s still being updated (bits still say ‘2006’) so it’s difficult to conclude if there will be any changes to the award categories or nomination/voting system. I hope there will: some of last year’s announcements were barely credible.

[16 July update: IT Showcase is also running some Construction IT awards, run on the more traditional basis of a panel of judges evaluating several different categories of case studies.]

[27 and 28 November update: Following some adverse comments from awards organiser Stuart Leigh, I have deleted a personal view of the comedian which he regarded as defamatory.]

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