Extranet Evolution: two years old

The Extranet Evolution blog is now just over two years old.

Just over a year ago, I noted that June 2006 had been my first year’s peak month with 2,069 page-loads by 1,049 unique visitors (totals marginally exceeded in September 2006: 2,122 and 1,282 respectively).

Over the past year, traffic has risen further – every month saw the page download total top 2,000. Page downloads exceeded 3,000 in six separate months (peak month for page loads was January 2007, with 3,762; April was peak month for unique visitors with 2,071). The daily peak was 295 page loads, achieved on 13 December 2006.

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to visit, especially those who return regularly – my Statcounter.com stats tell me there’s over 600 of you every month!

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