Integrated Product Delivery – quick follow-up

After my post on the new AIA guide last week, a couple of people have been in touch.

First, Graham Robinson (who I met earlier this year on a Collaborative Working Champions visit to Magal in Reading) observes:

“… the USA lags behind UK to some extent, although they do some things better, particularly standardisation. It used to be that the AIA prefer and recommend the use of Design Build procurement, which is a form of integrated working [although it is only a partial answer]. There is also a useful organization called DBIA [Design Build Institute of America]. They also publish some useful guides.”

Second, Martin Brown at isite wasn’t put off by my deliberate focus on the ICT elements of the IPD guide. With hindsight, I should have made it clearer that the document covers far more than ICT and BIM; indeed, as I wrote, technology is just one of nine IPD themes.

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