Take-up of BIM growing

An article in US journal Building Design & Construction reports that US adoption of building information modelling (BIM) applications is accelerating (thanks to Mel at the Elemental blog for the link).

More than a third of roughly 200 owners (collectively representing c.$115 billion in annual construction spending) responding to the 8th Annual Construction Management Association of America/FMI Survey of Owners say they have used BIM on one or more projects. The rate at which BIM is being adopted in the industry is also accelerating, the survey reports.

About 35% of the respondents said they have used BIM on one or more projects. The rate at which newcomers embrace BIM has been increasing: BIM usage grew by three percent in 2003, six percent in 2005 and 11 percent in 2006.

Detailing the benefits reported by BIM users, FMI said: “Highest ranked by both non-BIM and BIM users is improved communication followed by higher quality project execution and decision making.”

However, significant impediments still remain: “Lack of expertise and industry standards are two of the greatest hurdles to collaborative construction processes and BIM adoption,” the survey concluded.

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  1. Remember how Roman emperors had a slave at their side while enjoying their triumph, repeating “remember you are only a man” ?
    Well you could whisper “remember you’re only a technology” to the BIM, and the latest news about Richard Gerhy being sued by the MIT on the Stata Center project for its numerous defects is a good example that, even when using top notch tools, construction is all about people.
    Read all about it !

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