Vote for Sustrans Connect2

Across the UK, numerous small projects are planned to improve parts of the national cycle network. Whether these proceed depends on the outcome of votes cast on The People’s £50 Million Website. Four projects are in the running and the winner will get National Lottery cash to fund the project. As a one-time racing cyclist, now a club rider and occasional commuter, I am supporting Connect2 and urge anyone interested in sustainable transport to do the same.

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    • Sheila on 30 November 2007 at 9:56 am

    I think it’s only fair to point out the Connect2 project isnt the only one offering major benefits for cyclists. The plans for Sherwood Forest include a 250km network of paths linked to 15 towns and cities, with improved public transport and access links – and this is 90per cent traffic free and stile free. This is cycling for ANYONE – an estimated 45per cent of the English population could reach the network within two hours – and enjoy safe cycling in a beautiful setting. Not bad for a nation that’s losing the habit of regular healthy activity!

  1. You’re quite right Sheila, and I was tempted by the Sherwood Forest project (not least because BIW also has an office in Nottingham), but I veered towards Connect2 for its national impact – there are projects in just about every corner of the UK. If only both could win!

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