My 30 July 2007 post on e-Builder has prompted a comment regarding a relative newcomer to the US construction collaboration market: Oakland, California-based EADOC.

The website is a bit sparse on detail about the company and its founders (a press release – in fact, the only press release – says entrepreneurs Eric Law and Arnout van Kuijk founded EADOC, based on open source technology), but it lists nine customers, and commenter Eric (I believe, Eric Law himself) says “they [ie: we] just beat E-builder, Autodesk, and Prolog for a $100 Million project” which will be publicised in February.

From his LinkedIn profile, chief technical officer Arnout van Kuijk was formerly at ERP vendor Baan and then business process management system specialist Cordys. CEO Law was also at Cordys, as manager of professional services.

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