Google to target collaboration

Over two years ago, I first wrote about the JotSpot collaboration tool; 13 months ago, I noted that JotSpot had been acquired by Google. Today, via TechCrunch‘s Michael Arrington, I have been reading about Google’s 2008 plans for Google apps, and it appears Google is planning to deliver collaboration tools based on the JotSpot technologies that “will allow businesses to create intranets, project management tracking, extranets and other custom sites”.

Some of the online chat about this development, provisionally and perhaps unofficially named ‘Google Sites’, has focused on Office applications. There has been some talk about whether Google will be able to import PDFs and other graphical formats, noting that JotSpot did have the capacity to upload and store any file type, but this is still some way from allowing the kinds of collaboration focused on CAD files that characterise most AEC-oriented project collaboration solutions. Still, an interesting development and one to watch….

Update (3 December): Google’s plans are also covered on Slashdot and

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