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Springboard Research has provided me with some useful background on the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) market in Asia and the Pacific Rim in the past (see here and here, for example). News of its latest research was published last week. It says:

Local ISVs and smaller global vendors offering Software-as-a-Service solutions have captured an estimated 54% of the market in the Asia Pacific region during 2006-07…. The rest of the market is dominated by established SaaS vendors, with and WebEx taking the biggest market share.

Springboard added that local ISVs are expected to emerge as an important force in the Asia Pacific SaaS market as the presence of these vendors will trigger adoption of SaaS among SMBs. These players are expected to play a key role in the region’s competitive landscape as many of them offer compelling niche solutions. …

CRM and collaboration are the largest SaaS application segments by revenue in the Asia Pacific market. …

This underlines just how the SaaS movement has begun to challenge the domination of traditional software vendors, and it is happening in markets around the world.


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    • Kevin Doherty on 24 April 2008 at 9:12 pm

    It seems illogical that 54% of any market has been captured by SaaS, much less in the Pac Rim. I’d like to understand more about the figures.
    We have a data center and staff in Hawaii and know the market well. Our observation in the Pacific is that SaaS traction here is akin to the US. Many SMB’s have plans to move in this direction, or have converted some of their systems. Seems like a slower, more deliberate approach. I doubt if 10% have made the transition.
    Larger, more progressive organizations have embraced the technology and are converting any remaining systems to an integrated SaaS platform.
    Kevin Doherty, CEO
    PHASE 2 International

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