SaaS on the rise in Europe

Another survey reports growing interest in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), this time across Europe (see CRN news story).

After last week’s BIW UK survey, this week it’s the turn of analyst IDC, who interviewed 2077 managers from European organisations with 20 employees or more. Their survey found 37% of IT decision-makers will use SaaS to replace or supplement their enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems over the next two years. A further 35% said they would use the SaaS model to assist with customer relationship management (CRM), while 32% said they would use it to support their supply chain.

“Bo Lykkegaard, IDC research director says: “We believe SaaS spending will be directed at new applications and at replacement of broken applications, rather than at ripping and replacing working solutions. European organisations seek to leverage the SaaS delivery model to reduce risk, complexity, and upfront costs of new IT initiatives.”

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