May 23 2008

Test Windows Live Writer

After noticing some issues with how my posts from an 18-month-old version of Live Writer to TypePad were being handled (titles not appearing, and selected categories being rendered as sequences of numbers), I am trying to narrow down the causes. I suspect it’s been caused by updates at TypePad (my Flock editor get similar results), but – just in case – I have updated to the latest (and very smart-looking) Live Writer to see if that makes any difference.

Update (one minute later): Still no title (and a ridiculously long URL for the post!), but at least the categories work. Will add title via TypePad.

Update (27 May 2008): Confirmation from Microsoft’s Brandon Turner that the problem lies with TypePad: “As it turns out, later on Friday afternoon we were able to get this bug to reproduce with our TypePad account.  We have verified it isn’t a problem a problem with WLW, as you also confirmed. One of our testers should have contacted TypePad on Friday (if not, he will for sure Tuesday morning) and we will hope we can get this worked out.”

Update (30 May 2008): TypePad’s Sarah Sosiak has been in touch: “I saw your Tweet about problems with TypePad and Windows Live Writer. I’m working with the team here, and at Microsoft, to get them resolved. We made fix yesterday that fixes the issue you were having where the title wasn’t appearing when you posted from WLW and should have a fix for the numeric category issue shortly – I’ll let you know as soon as it goes live.”

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    • Brandon Turner[MSFT} on 23 May 2008 at 7:58 pm
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    If you want to send a more detailed description of your problem and your Windows Live Writer log file, I might be able to help you.

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