Breeding toxins from dead PCs

I am off later this afternoon to Think 08 sustainability event at the ExCel in east London (which I can just see through the haze across the River from where I live in south-east London) – where (time-permitting) I also hope to meet up with two or three fellow bloggers (see iSite post).

While on the subject of sustainability, there was a depressing article in yesterday’s Guardian newspaper on the toxic impact of old personal computers. It includes this excellent quote from Tony Roberts, founder of Computer Aid International – a charity registered with the Environment Agency as an official e-waste treatment company:

“When you look at the whole product lifetime of a computer 75% of the environmental damage is done before the computer is switched on for the first time. … It is the production, the mining, the factories producing the kit and the use of toxic materials – that is where the environmental damage is done.”

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    • martin on 11 May 2008 at 7:30 am

    – the most sustainable computer is the one yu are are currently using !!

  1. Absolutely. I heard someone on the train last week talking about getting a new laptop every two years – shame!
    Much fault lies with some software vendors (not least Microsoft). I have hardware that is still perfectly serviceable but the operating system and software has long since ceased to be supported, so you need to be confident in dealing with any problems yourself.

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