The Hard Way

Joint Aconex MD Leigh Jasper has been interviewed by Jodie O’Keefe for the April/May issue of Australian Anthill magazine (a magazine focused on fast-growth companies). The feature, The Hard Way, says Aconex “now employs over 300 people servicing 4,950 projects in 65 countries” (including Romania).

Considering Aconex has still yet to conclude a lengthy legal dispute with one of its major shareholders, Leigh’s comments on investors are perhaps more than a little ironic:

The best investor is an informed one

VCs can bring a lot, but we prefer to raise capital from private investors who add value, from the business community and the construction industry. They act as mentors and are aligned with our vision. We communicate openly with them and treat them like real partners in the business.

As I understand it, the dispute with Hawthorn Glen focuses on whether there was open communications and if Aconex treated them like real partners.

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